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Easily accessing internet from IP-address of specified country

Some internet services, like PayPal, can be accessed only from an IP-address of a specified country (in the case of PayPal the country where your business is located). But, what do you do when you are traveling in another country?
I will show you a simple solution: First, you need a Linux-based VPS server with SSH-access in your country. You also need a Unix-based notebook operating system. I use MacOS. But, if you use Windows, you can install Linux in a virtualisation environment, like VirtualBox. Then, you need to open a Unix-terminal window and input the following command:
This will start a tunnel and SOCKS proxy on the client side.
Now, you need to change the configuration of your browser so that it can access the internet via this proxy.

In Firefox, you need to open the "Preferences" window and click on "Connection settings". After selecting "Manual proxy configuration", input the value "localhost" in the "SOCKS Host" field, and then in the "Port" field, enter the value "9999". Now, you can access webpages via the IP of your VPS server.
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