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Kampot, Cambodia

The whole city looks very nice. There are many old French houses.
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The old cinema building.

Houses in their original states have not been renewed in many years. It looks much more valuable.

There are many monuments in the city, such as the Durian Statue, the 2000 Monument (who knows the meaning of this monument?) and the Salt Carriers Monument.
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Metapheap Mart ("metapheap" means "friendship" in Khmer) is one of the few shops in Kampot with an authentic European look. This store is also open at night. Unfortunately, there are not many foods.
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The prison of Kampot.
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One of the three bridges to the city.
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River side.

It is also possible to catch fish in this river.

Bus station.

Canadia Bank.

Acleda Bank.

Many tourists visit Kampot. Because of this, there are a lot of advertisements for various events or offers.

Central road to Phnom Penh.


Lily Pond - it is very quiet there. But Khmers do not like quiet places, because they are afraid of ghosts.

They like noisy places near the market because, compared to other places in the city, there are a lot of people.

Entry to the market.

In the city, there are many good restaurants.
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The old market. Since this place has been recently restored, there are many new restaurants, real estate offices and small shops.

The entry to the Olympic Stadium.

Unlike other cities in Cambodia, the streets are very clean in Kampot.

Trash cans, which are made ​​from old tires, look especially beautiful here.

A guest house in the city center.
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Khmer alphabet

Here is the Khmer alphabet. You can click on the letter to hear the pronunciation.
Note: Please use another browser when you can not see or hear it.

ka kha ko kho ngo
ca cha co cho    nyo
da ttha do ttho nna
ta tha to tho no
ba pha po pho mo
yo ro lo vo sa
ha     la a
This list is not complete. Vowels and other letters coming soon...
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The Independence Monument at night time.
This is the another wealthy part of the city.

In Phnom Penh, there are many old French buildings. Some of these buildings currently house governmental institutions, such as schools or law enforcement, other buildings are private residences.
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This is The White Building which was designed by Vladimir Bodiansky and co-designed by Vann Molyvann. Originally there were several buildings of this type, but most have been destroyed by the government. According to the latest information, the remaining houses will also be destroyed soon. The architecture of The White Building, one of the most beautiful buildings in Phnom Penh, is very simple and functional. Many tourists travel to Phnom Penh specifically to take a picture of this building. In the modification of the facade over time, you can see how this building developed a unique "character".
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A few pictures of city life.
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In the city you can observe several chaotic constructions, like this wall with many water pipes.
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In the center of the city.
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How to travel from Bangkok to Sihanoukville via Koh Kong border

Herewith I describe how to travel by bus from Bangkok to Sihanoukville via the Koh Kong border.
1. Bus trip from Bangkok to Trat
In Bangkok, drive to the Ekamai Bus Terminal.
Ekamai Bus Terminal:

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From there, you need to take a bus to Trat. The trip by bus to Trat takes about 6 hours and costs 214 THB. Because the Koh Kong border closes at 8pm, you should take a night bus. Otherwise, you must stay in Trat, which costs additional money.
Trat Bus Terminal:

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2. Bus from Trat to Koh Kong border
From Trat, you have to take a minibus to the Koh Kong border. I paid 120 THB for the ticket, and travel to the border takes about 1 hour.
Departure to the Koh Kong border:

3. Koh Kong border
First, you need to show your passport at the Thai border to obtain an exit stamp. At the Cambodian border, everything is not so easy. In various internet forums, this border is called "The Gateway to Hell". There is some truth to this statement because this border is the scene of much criminal activity.
When you enter the border, on the left side there is a "Quarantine" stand.

Officials check for fever with a toy thermometer that shows a constant 36.6°C even at a body temperature of 41°C. For this check, they will request 1 USD as a fee. However, there is no law in Cambodia that requires this "Quarantine" check, so you can simply ignore it.
If you do not already hava a visa (like eVisa), then you have to buy one at the border. Normal tourist visas cost 20 USD. However, at the border you have to pay a higher price, usually about 30 USD. However, I also know people who have paid 50 USD for this visa. The price must be negotiated.

By the way, if your enter Cambodia only for a short time because of Visa-Run, then you have to pay 5 USD to get the exit stamp on the same day.
Koh Kong border:

4. After the Koh Kong border
To take the bus to Sihanoukville, first you have to go to Koh Kong City, which is 15km from the border. I recommend walking for 50m and then taking a Tuk-Tuk, because Tuk-Tuks are more expensive closer to the border. For a Tuk-Tuk (in Khmer, "Moto Romok") to Koh Kong City I paid 3 USD.

In the city center, you must purchase a ticket to Sihanoukville at the ticket sales office.
Ticket sales office:


I paid 7.50 USD for the bus ticket. The last bus to Sihanoukville departs at around 1pm. This is another reason why it is better to cross the border in the morning. You can also take a taxi. The normal price for a taxi trip to Sihanoukville is 50 USD. However, in the afternoon it is almost impossible to get a taxi, because at night the road is very dangerous and populated by criminals.
5. The trip to Sihanoukville
The bus starts from the central bus station.
Central bus station in Koh Kong:

Bus companies also offer a free pick up service from the guest house, but this must be arraged in advance. The trip to Sihanoukville takes about 4 hours.
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