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Kampot, Cambodia

The whole city looks very nice. There are many old French houses.
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The old cinema building.

Houses in their original states have not been renewed in many years. It looks much more valuable.

There are many monuments in the city, such as the Durian Statue, the 2000 Monument (who knows the meaning of this monument?) and the Salt Carriers Monument.
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Metapheap Mart ("metapheap" means "friendship" in Khmer) is one of the few shops in Kampot with an authentic European look. This store is also open at night. Unfortunately, there are not many foods.
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The prison of Kampot.
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One of the three bridges to the city.
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River side.

It is also possible to catch fish in this river.

Bus station.

Canadia Bank.

Acleda Bank.

Many tourists visit Kampot. Because of this, there are a lot of advertisements for various events or offers.

Central road to Phnom Penh.


Lily Pond - it is very quiet there. But Khmers do not like quiet places, because they are afraid of ghosts.

They like noisy places near the market because, compared to other places in the city, there are a lot of people.

Entry to the market.

In the city, there are many good restaurants.
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The old market. Since this place has been recently restored, there are many new restaurants, real estate offices and small shops.

The entry to the Olympic Stadium.

Unlike other cities in Cambodia, the streets are very clean in Kampot.

Trash cans, which are made ​​from old tires, look especially beautiful here.

A guest house in the city center.
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